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Aug-2015Acceptability and adherence to Isoniazid preventive therapy in HIV-infected patients clinically screened for latent tuberculosis in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaShayo, A.G.; Moshiro, G.; Aboud, S.; Bakari, M.; Mugusi, M.F.
2010Balancing collective responsibility, individual opportunities and risks: A qualitative study on how police officers reason around volunteering in an HIV vaccine trial in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTarimo, E.A.M; Thorson, A.; Kohi, T.W; Mwami, J.; Bakari, M.; Sandström, E.; Kulane, A.
2008Basis for treatment of tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients in Tanzania: the role of chest x-ray and sputum culture.Bakari, M.; Arbeit, R.D.; Mtei, L.; Lyimo, J.; Waddell, R.; Matee, M.; Cole, B.F.; Tvaroha, S.; Horsburgh, C.R.; Soini, H.; Pallangyo, K.; von Reyn, C.F.
2013Declining HIV-1 prevalence and incidence among Police Officers–a potential cohort for HIV vaccine trials, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Munseri, P. J.; Bakari, M.; Janabi, M.; Aris, E.; Aboud, S.; Hejdeman, B.; Sandstrom, E.
2010Effect of improved access to antiretroviral therapy on clinical characteristics of patients enrolled in the HIV care and treatment clinic, at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Mugusi, S.F.; Mwita, J.C.; Francis, J.M.; Aboud, S.; Bakari, M.; Aris, E.A.; Swai, A.B.; Mugusi, F.M.; Pallangyo, K; Sandstrom, E.
2014Experiences of Social Harm and Changes in Sexual Practices among Volunteers Who Had Completed a Phase I/II HIV Vaccine Trial Employing HIV-1 DNA Priming and HIV-1 MVA Boosting in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTarimo, E. A.; Munseri, P.; Aboud, S.; Sandstrom, E.; Bakari, M.; Mhalu, F.
2013Experiences on recruitment and retention of volunteers in the first HIV vaccine trial in Dar es Salam, Tanzania - the phase I/II HIVIS 03 trialBakari, M.; Munseri, P.; Francis, J.; Aris, E.; Moshiro, C.; Siyame, D.; Mhalu, F.; Janabi, M; Ngatoluwa, M; Aboud, S; Lyamuya, E; Sandström, E
2013Factors associated with, and echocardiographic findings of heart failure among HIV infected patients at a tertiary health care facility in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Bakari, M.; Chillo, P.; Lwakatare, J
Oct-2015The Influence of HIV-Status Disclosure on Adherence, Immunological and Virological Outcomes among HIV-Infected Patients Started on Antiretroviral Therapy in Dar-es- Salaam, TanzaniaBuma, D.; Bakari, M.; Fawzi, W.; Mugusi, F.
2012Liver enzyme abnormalities and associated risk factors in HIV patients on efavirenz-based HAART with or without tuberculosis co-infection in Tanzania.Mugusi, S.; Ngaimisi, E.; Janabi, M.; Minzi, O.; Bakari, M.; Riedel, K.D.; Burhenne, J.; Lindquist, L.; Mugusi, F.; Sandstrom, E.; Aklillu, E.
2009Lymphocyte proliferation to mycobacterial antigens is detectable across a spectrum of HIV-associated tuberculosisLahey, T.; Matee, M.; Mtei, L.; Bakari, M.; Pallangyo, K.; Reyn, C.F.V
2013Nutritional status of HIV-infected women with tuberculosis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Bakari, M.; Wamsele, J.; MacKenzie, T.; Maro, I.; Kimario, J.; Ali, S.; von Reyn, C. F
2012The perceptions on male circumcision as a preventive measure against HIV infection and considerations in scaling up of the services: a qualitative study among police officers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Tarimo, E.A.; Francis, J.M.; Kakoko, D.; Munseri, P.; Bakari, M.; Sandstrom, E.
2013Priming with a “simplified regimen” of HIV-1 DNA vaccine is as good as a “standard regimen” when boosted with heterologous HIV-1 MVA vaccineMunseri, P.; Kroidl, A.; Nilsson, C.; Moshiro, C.; Aboud, S.; Joachim, A.; Geldmacher, C.; Aris, E.; Buma, D.; Lyamuya, E.; Gotch, F.; Godoy-Ramirez, K.; Pallangyo, K.; Maboko, L.; Marovich, M.; Robb, M.; Hoelscher, M.; Janabi, M.; Mann, P.; Joseph, S.; Mfinanga, S.; Stoehr, W.; Mhalu, F.; Wahren, B.; Biberfeld, G.; McCormack, S.; Sandstrom, E.; Bakari, M.
2011A qualitative evaluation of volunteers’ experiences in a phase I/II HIV vaccine trial in TanzaniaTarimo, E.A.M.; Thorson, A.; Kohi, T.W.; Bakari, M.; Sandstrom, E.; Mhalu, F.; Kulane, A.
2013A qualitative study of perceived risk for HIV transmission among police officers in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTarimo, E. A.; Kohi, T. W.; Bakari, M.; Kulane, A.
2011Reasons for declining to enroll in a phase I and II HIV vaccine trial after randomization among eligible volunteers in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTarimo, E.A.M; Thorson, A.; Kohi, T.W; Bakari, M.; Mhalu, F.
2008Sputum microscopy for the diagnosis of HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis in Tanzania.Matee, M.; Mtei, L.; Lounasvaara, T.; Wieland-Alter, W.; Waddell, R; Lyimo, J.; Bakari, M.; Pallangyo, K.; von Reyn, C.F.
2012Test characteristics of urinary lipoarabinomannan and predictors of mortality among hospitalized HIV-infected tuberculosis suspects in Tanzania.Talbot, E.; Munseri, P.; Teixeira, P.; Matee, M.; Bakari, M.; Lahey, T.; von Reyn, F.
Dec-2015Virological Response Following Anti-Retroviral Therapy Employing Once-A-Day 30 mg of Stavudine in HIV-Infected Patients: A 24- Week Randomized Controlled Study in Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaBuma, D.; Bakari, M.; Fawzi, W.; Mugusi, F.
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